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About the Photosolve Web site
helpful hints on how to use it

We're glad you're here!

There are lots of ways to use this site. If you're already familiar with Photosolve, or already know what product category interests you, our Products page is a great starting place. If you know what you want to do, but aren't sure how, visit our Capabilities page. If you're brand-new to Photosolve or digital photography, try Getting Started.

Site navigation is flexible and easy. At the top of every page, just below the Photosolve logo, you'll see a "path" that shows exactly where you are in the site. Every item (except the page you're already on) appears as a link. This means you can easily jump up from even the deepest levels of detail to the Photosolve home page, or anywhere in-between. The colored box on the right edge of every page includes topics related to the page you're on. This can be a great source of additional detail, ideas or inspiration. Here's a working example of a "path":

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Links to non-Photosolve Web sites will open in a separate browser window on your screen. This lets you see what's there without losing your place at Photosolve. Of course, you can close those windows at your convenience.

You can place a product order from many pages of this site. The first time you select something for purchase, we'll automatically create a virtual "shopping cart" for you and then place your item in it. Be sure to click "Check out" before you're finished, in order to perform a credit card, check/money order or PayPal transaction to complete your purchase.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on the Web site. Send them to Thank you!