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Brackets and Flash Accessories
more picture taking flexibility

Hand-held brackets, straight brackets, Generic Shutter Release, Shutter Release Cable, Flash Synchro, Spirit Bubble Level, Remote Flash Hot Shoe.

< Straight Camera/flash bracket
Two different varieties to choose from. One is all plastic with fixed, plastic shoe. The other is plastic with reversing flash shoe. Both mount on Tripod..
Specialty C-Bracket >
Add "off-camera" flash to your camera, or mount your Xtend-a-Sight on your off-camera flash shoe. The flash shoe position is completely adjustable (left/right and front/back). The Tripod knob does NOT have additional threads for mounting on a tripod..
Generic Shutter Release >
If you need a shutter release for your camera, this bracket is the solution. Shown with Shutter Cable release installed (CABLE RELEASE NOT INCLUDED).Camera attachment screw is tapped to allow Tripod mount.
Two way spirit bubble level >
If you absolutely need to ensure your camera is level, this two way spirit level will do the job. Equivalent to units cost three times as much.


Xtend-a-Lens for using these add-ons with your digital camera

5x lens system for boosting the power of your camera's built-in zoom