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Xtend-a-Sight™ Plus Red Dot Sight Mounting adapter
for connecting a Red Dot Sight to the flash shoe of your camera.

The Photosolve Xtend-a-Sight Plus is the third version of the Xtend-a-Sight that allows you mount a Red Dot sight (typically found attached to rifles and pistols) to the flash shoe of your camera. This allows you to track moving objects much more accurately than the LCD or the viewfinder because the LCD generally "locks up" for a short while during processing of a picture and the viewfinder of a DSLR is "blanked" during the mirror up routine, or because of its limited view, it's difficult to keep a moving object in sight.


Essentially, the Xtend-a-Sight is a modern "sports finder" and you can put the strap of the camera around your neck, push the camera out in front of you, with the strap tight to your neck, look through the Red Dot Sight optics at the object using the "red dot" that shows in the screen, half press for focus, and then take as many frames as your camera will allow as you follow the moving object.

If you don't have a flash shoe on your camera, you can also mount the Xtend-a-Sight on a flash bracket, align the camera and the sight, and you're all set.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This latest version of the Xtend-a-Sight Plus features a custom designed foot with a locking thumb wheel. This eliminates the previous hex wrench adjustment, and the potential up/down or side/side movement of the mount depending on the camera you have. NOTE: We have determined that while camera manufacturers agree on a standard flash shoe, they do not all follow the rules, and flash shoe width dimensions vary by several thousands of an inch. As a result, it became a problem to keep the Xtend-a-Sight from shifting left/right in the shoe, even when the knob is fully tightened. Initially, we made the foot a bit wider, and asked you, the customer to carefully grind one side of the foot to closely fit your hot shoe. We've now redesigned the locking wheel as well (it grabs the top of the shoe much more firmly), and trimmed back the foot so that you should not have the extra work. We haven't had any negative feedback from any of the hundreds of customers of of this new version, so we're hopeful that we've hit on just the right combination. If your particular camera still requires it, we're asking you, our customer, to carefully grind each side of the foot so that it will fit YOUR camera specifically. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot control the manufacturing inconsistencies in the camera manufacturers, or their suppliers. A bit of wet/dry sandpaper placed on a flat surface. Press and carefully grind ONE side of the foot, checking periodically to ensure that you're not taking off too much.

The all new locking foot, custom designed for the Xtend-a-Sight. While it is SIMILAR to a flash shoe mount, it's been designed to fit more closely into the flash shoe, so that when you adjust the knurled knob, the Xtend-a-Sight will lock in place with no unwanted movement of the Xtend-a-Sight.>
Xtend-a-Sight Foot
Xtend-a-Sight Plus
< The redesigned Xtend-a-Sight Plus! Much quicker to mount and unmount, with no play in the shoe. Featuring 3/8 and 7/8 (sometimes seen listed as 5/8) Weaver mounts for Red Dot Sight mounts.

For reference: The shorter 3/8" mount is 1.6" long, and the overall length of the unit is 2.75".

Xtend-a-Sight shown with BSA RD30 mounted (7/8" standard Weaver mounting). This larger optical element size (30mm) of Red Dot Sight is a bit easier to see through, compared with the smaller sight shown below. However, this sight is typically 4 to 5 times as expensive as the smaller Daisy unit shown below.>

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you get one of these RDS units make CERTAIN that it comes with 7/8" mounting hardware. At least one unit (MADE IN CHINA) had 3/8" hardware and will NOT fit the Xtend-a-Sight as the spacing is too long between mounts.

< Xtend-a-Sight shown with Daisy Red Dot Sight mounted (3/8" standard Weaver mounting). While this size of sight works just fine, it's a bit more difficult to use, given the smaller size of the viewing screen. The good news is that it's a lot less expensive.
If you don't have a flash shoe on your camera, you've still got a solution. Xtend-a-Sight shown with Daisy Red Dot Sight mounted (3/8" standard Weaver mounting) on the special "C" flash bracket. You can also mount it on a standard bracket>
<The Xtend-a-Sight Plus foot is designed for a standard flash shoe. It will NOT fit the newer proprietary Sony flash shoe mount without an adapter. Photosolve has a Sony to Standard adapter available which can be ordered at the same time as your new Xtend-a-Sight.


Xtend-a-Sight User Guide
4 pages, PDF

Red Dot sights are available from numerous sources. The two shown here were purchased at WalMart, far below the regular retail pricing.

Here are some additional source links:


Shop at

Amazon Logo

For the Amazon search box above, just put in "Red Dot Sight" (with the quotes).

In addition, many "paint-ball" outlets carry Red Dot Sights.

The only thing to remember is that the Xtend-a-Sight can mount 3/8" and 7/8" Weaver mounts (which are pretty typical), so get one with either of those two sizes.

Several customers have begun using the Xtend-a-Sight to shoot their favorite kinds of photos. photosolve is pleased to provide links to those libraries:

Birds in Flight (BIF) and Aircraft in Flight (AIF) that were taken using a Red Dot Sight. The photographer is Bernard Zee.

Birds in Flight (BIF) taken by Steven Davis, Canada using the Xtend-a-Sight and a Red Dot Sight, presented in the photosolve gallery.

Birds in Flight (BIF) taken by Steve Wolfe using the Xtend-a-Sight and a Red Dot Sight.

Birds in Flight (BIF) from David Pountney in the UK using the Xtend-a-Sight and a Red Dot Sight.

Birds in Flight (BIF) taken by Bob Schmiedt, Northwest Georgia using the Xtend-a-Sight and a Red Dot Sight, presented in the photosolve gallery.