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Xtend-a-View Pro eyecup kit
for use with all Xtend-a-View LCD viewers

Please note: This kit is included with all new Xtend-a-View Pro products. It is available separately for use with earlier Xtend-a-View Pro units that did not include the eyecup kit, and for replacement purposes.

The Xtend-a-View Pro eyecup kit consists of a rubber eyecup, a cover for the eyecup, and a leash which helps prevent loss of the cover. When installed, the eyecup kit provides additional eye relief to the user, allowing for the eye to be placed right up against the rubber eyecup. It is highly recommended that the cover be used when the viewer is not in use as it eliminates dust and prevents damage to the glass viewing lens.


Xtend-a-View Pro overview

Xtend-a-View Pro Mini, Standard/Variable and Wide LCD viewers

Additionally, in certain situations, if the eyepiece of the viewer is pointed directly at the sun, heat build-up can occur on the LCD. While design changes to the viewer have minimized this effect, it is still wise to use the cover. The eyecup kit can be ordered separately, and (as noted above) is now included with every new Xtend-a-View LCD viewer.