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Digimount L-Series
Digimount L-Series
Connect your digital camera to your telescope or spotting scope. Includes the Digimount body one L-series insert sleeve 4 SHORT screws and installation instructions. An optional 37mm to 28mm thread converter allows the use of 37mm mounting. May require the use of additional thread converters or stepping rings (orderable separately). NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Product Code: DIGIMNT_L


Digimount Model
L-Series Digimount-L0 
L-Series Digimount-L1 
L-Series Digimount-L2 
L-Series Digimount-L3 
L-Series Digimount-L4 
L-Series Digimount-L5 
L-Series Digimount-L6 
L-Series Digimount-L7 
L-Series Digimount-L8 

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