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Take advantage of your camera's LCD display
and use it to more effectively set up great pictures in all conditions

Your digital camera has an LCD display on the back. If you're like many digital photographers, you don't use it very often in the process of taking pictures. Why?

  • It's small and hard to see
  • The LCD image is completely washed out in bright sun or other daylight conditions
  • Holding the camera in out front of your face to look at the LCD feels unnatural and is a distraction to good picture-taking

Photosolve addresses all three of these problems at once with the Xtend-a-View line of LCD viewers! These viewers enlarge the LCD image by a factor of two, they allow you to set up your shots "through the camera" in a much more natural way, and they block bright light from the screen so you can use it in all lighting conditions.


Photosolve Xtend-a-View

There's another important advantage. As you begin to explore your extended photography possibilities through other products from Photosolve, you'll recognize another problem. The optical view-finder in most digital cameras doesn't necessarily show you the photo you're about to capture. The parallax effect in close-up work means you sometimes miss part of your subject. When you begin using external close-up or magnifying lenses, your optical viewfinder can't show you what you'll be photographing. And, of course, when you attach your camera to a telescope or microscope, your optical viewfinder is useless. By making it easy for you to use the incoming image through your camera's lens system, Xtend-a-View lets you compose and capture much better images.