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easily take digital photographs through your microscope

Using a digital camera to take photos through a microscope opens many new possibilities in industry, research and education.

Photosolve makes it easy to use your microscope with the digital camera you already have, capturing your images exactly as you see them through your eyepiece. And once they're in digital form, you can edit, enhance, e-mail and Web-post them.

Photosolve offers both the Xtend-a-Scope 37M (shown here) and the flexible DigiMount system for attaching your camera to your microscope. Read more about which solution best meets your needs.


Xtend-a-Scope 37M for connecting your camera's Xtend-a-Lens to a standard microscope mount

The DigiMount system for interconnecting digital cameras to microscopes, spotting scopes and telescopes

Choosing between Xtend-a-Scope and DigiMount for microphotography

Xtend-a-Lens: the foundation for attaching accessories to your camera


Sample photos taken with a microscope and the Xtend-a-Scope 37M