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Photo panoramas
capture dramatic scenes that are just too big for one picture

Photographers have been interested in panoramas for a hundred years, but digital photography makes this capability available to a much broader audience. With a motor-driven control system to rotate your camera in precise increments and take the photos, and software tools to stitch the images together, you can create impressive, high-resolution panoramas.


Brad Templeton's Panoramic Photography site

Panorama gallery from SpinPic, maker of the SpinPic camera control system for panoramic photography and VR (thumbnail images below)


SpinScape digital camera control system for VR imaging

Hoya lenses and UV filters

OpticZoom 5x zoom lenses for close-ups of faraway subjects

DualForce battery systems so you can keep on shooting

BattPak cases to protect your batteries and memory cards

Images ^ provided by SpinPic, developer of the SpinPic camera control system available from Photosolve. See them full-size in SpinPic's online gallery of panoramic photos