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Getting started
the easiest ways for you to start extending your digital photography experience

"I've never attached anything to my digital camera but the lens cap!
How do I start?

You've come to the right place. By getting this far, you've shown that you're interested in digital photography, probably already have a digital camera (or more than one!), and are ready to "move to the next level" in the variety and quality of pictures you can take.

But where to start? Here are our suggestions, based on years of serving people just like you:

Get a lens adapter and a UV filter. Most digital cameras can't accommodate photographic lenses and filters. Photosolve's Xtend-a-Lens adapters add to most cameras the ability to use standard add-ons. Your first add-on should be an ultraviolet (UV) filter, which will simultaneously acquainted you with the way lenses and filters are attached, give you a new weapon against reflection and glare in your photos, and protect your camera lens.

< Digital camera, outfitted with an Xtend-a-Lens and three filters and lenses

Xtend-a-Lens adapters

Ultraviolet (UV) filter

Xtend-a-View LCD viewers


OpticZoom 5x lens system

Xtend-a-Scope telescope and microscope adapters

DigiMount accessory connector system

SpinScape control system for panoramas and VR

Xtend-a-Slide film conversion system

Consider an LCD viewer. Think about the LCD viewer in your camera. It's small, it's hard to see (especially in broad daylight), and its location on the back of the camera is very unnatural for picture-taking. It can be so much more useful to you! Photosolve Xtend-a-View LCD viewers attach to the back of your camera, letting your put your eye to the LCD and shielding the display from sunlight and glare. You'll be surprised at the new perspective it gives you as you set up and take pictures.

Now the fun starts. Other Photosolve products let you take pictures you could never take before. Want to go far beyond your camera's built-in zoom for dramatic close-ups? Look at the OpticZoom 5x lens system. Have a telescope or microscope? Consider Xtend-a-Scope scope adapters and the DigiMount system so you can take digital pictures through it. Have boxes of 35mm slides or film images that you wish were digital? With Xtend-a-Slide, they can be!

Get inspired. Visit our capabilities pages to learn more about new photographic possibilities. Get ideas, read tutorials, and look at great photographs taken by others. With Photosolve, your only limit is your imagination.

Thank you for visiting Photosolve!