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Sample photos taken with the OpticZoom 5x lens system

"I hope it goes without saying that I really enjoy having the OpticZoom lens as a tool in my camera bag to get pictures that I could not get otherwise. Being new to high end photography it was a cost effective way to "run with the big dogs" as it were. These pictures were taken with my Olympus C-5050 on a gloomy March afternoon shortly before sundown. Nowhere near ideal conditions. But, I think they are pretty reveling. The first is with no magnification. I did this to show how far I was away from the USS Yorktown. It is now a museum in Charleston South Carolina where I was visiting for work. The second is of course with the OpticZoom and the 3x of the camera. (a total of 15x) I think this showcases the OpticZoom lens pretty well."
-- Tom McIlvain, Newport News, Viriginia (photosolve customer)
Displayed with permission (place mouse over photo for 15x view)