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Professor Ken Kobré's Lightscoop®
Say goodby to ugly flash photos!
From Lightscoop, and now available through photosolve


Professor Ken Kobré's Lightscoop®

The Original Lightscoop® is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall.






And now , there's the Lightscoop Deluxe that adds additional flexibility by being able to rotate, and fold flat!




...with four additional colored mirrors to add a bit of fun to your photos...The Gold/Warming mirror has the same effect as the original Lightscoop Warming model.



...and we designed a model for those without a DSLR...the simply attaches to the front of your point and shoot and creates the same bounce flash effect. Note: Not all point and shoot cameras are powerful enough for the Junior

Don’t let your convenient little pop-up flash ruin your photos with evil red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement that exist only in your photographs, not in the real world.

Slip a Lightscoop® on your camera and never miss out on another fabulous picture! Lightscoop creates soft, natural light and lets you capture the scene the way you see it.

How it Works

Simply slip the Lightscoop® over your SLR camera’s pop-up flash, follow the easy camera set-up steps, and immediately transform the ugly direct light from your tiny pop-up flash into pro-quality light. Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop® lets you use professional photography techniques without having to buy or learn to use expensive extra lighting equipment.

Redirecting the small light from your camera’s pop-up flash to the ceiling creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction (rather than from the middle of your forehead). Softer, more diffused light coming from a natural direction will instantly improve your photos. Turning the camera vertically to direct the flash to a light-colored wall will create the kind of directional “window” light that is the hallmark of an interesting professional photograph. Plus, using the flash will stop blur from subject or camera movement. So many creative options! You’ll start to LOVE your pop-up flash

— and your friends will think you hired a pro!

Comparison photos: To the right are comparisons of the standard pop-up flash, a dedicated flash, and the same pop-up flash using a standard lightscoop and a warming be the judge!

The basic difference between the standard and warming Lightscoop units is in the color of the mirror installed on the Lightscoop. The Standard model uses a silver mirror and the Warming model uses a gold mirror, which will give a "warmer" tone to skin tones and is often used to help soften "people" shots.

Camera Compatibility - Original, Deluxe and Junior Models

For dSLR cameras

with pop-up flashes



The dSLR cameras BELOW work with both the Original and DeluxeLightscoop models. We have found new models of these brands to fit as we have tested them. We do have a 2-week return policy if you'd like to try the Lightscoop with your camera and return it if it doesn't work out.

Canon 35mm dSLR cameras that have a pop-up flash. On some Canon models, it's necessary to slightly back the Lightscoop out of the hot shoe in order for the flash to fire.
Fuji FinePix Pro Series
Nikon 35mm dSLR cameras that have a pop-up flash.
Olympus E420, E520, E3, E620
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2K, DMC-G3K, DMC-G5 (Lightscoop shoe fit is tight and does not slide completely into the hot shoe.)
Pentax K-7, KX, K10D, K100D, K20D, K30, K5II, K-5II-S, K200D
Sigma SD14 Series

LIGHTSCOOP® DELUXE does NOT support Sony cameras

Don't see your camera here? We have not assured its compatibility. However, we have found the Lightscoop to fit new models of these brands' SLR line when we've tested them as they've appeared. We do have a 2-week return policy if you'd like to try the Lightscoop with your camera and return it if it doesn't work out.

For ADVANCED compact cameras

For advanced compact cameras that have a built-in flash powerful enough to bounce: like the Canon G12, G15, G1X, Powershot S100, S110; Fujifilm X series (including X10, X20, XF1); Lumix DMC-LX7; Nikon P310, Coolpix 7100; Pentax Q; Olympus XZ1, TG-1x, Panasonic CMV-zs30, DMC-zs25

NOTE: Less advanced compact cameras do not have built-in flashes powerful enough to bounce... it's physics. Sorry!

[Note that the Lightscoop does not replace fully-featured and more powerful tilting external flashes for advanced or professional photographers who need them. That’s a whole other class of equipment.]
Note: photosolve has been shipping the Lightscoop for Professor Kobre since it was first introduced. Now, through special agreement, photosolve is able to ship directly as well.

Professor Kobré's Lightscoop® is made in the USA. Lightscoop® is the registered trademark of Ken Kobré. Patent Pending.
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