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The VJ Pole System
Become the Creative Communicator that you KNOW you can be!


The VJ Firefly LED Light
A perfect "flash" for a smart phone to capture both stills AND video...The firefly can be used to capture great quality anytime, anywhere! It can plug into your smart phone audio port and be used alone, or the VJ Holder will securely grab the firefly, and then attach to the VJ Pole/Smartphone setup. Three different power levels, rechargeable,'s just a powerful, convenient and easy to use solution!

The VJ Firefly

- Working Time: About 1 ~ 2 hours
- Charging Time: About 2 hours

- Output: Max 2.0 W; Min 1.4W

- Input: DC5V; 1A
- Battery Capacity: 500mAh
- Color Temperature: 5200K
- Size: 65 x 36 x 12mm
- Weight: 34g

- VJ Twin Mount + VJ Mic
- VJ Pole + Smart Phone
- Max distance 40m/130 feet
- Battery life 5 years
- Pairs with iOS & Android SmartPhones
- No-delay shooting allows for continuous shots











VJ Pole frequently-asked question (Coming Soon!)