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The VJ Pole System
Become the Creative Communicator that you KNOW you can be!


The VJ Smart Gun
Capture Life's Special Moments with the VJ Smart Gun! The VJ Smart Gun is a part of the hugely successful VJ Pole System, one of the amazing inventions on the market...and continues to top the market in terms of sales!

The VJ Pole allows you to easily attach your SmartPhone, adjust its position, and with the use of the App-free remote control, start capturing pictures and video immediately.

Provides a MUCH GREATER level of stability for that professional look!



The VJ Smart Gun

Smart Gun Specs:
- Weight: 159g/5.6 ounces
- Mount - 1/4 x 20 threaded
- Compatibility: fits all smartphones with 6-inch screens or less
- Includes Smart Gun, Adjustable Head, Phone Mount, and Storage bag


Easily converts to a handy tripod by opening the legs. The Smart Gun can also be attached to your regular camera by disconnecting the phone mount, and attaching the angle head to your camera's tripod mount.  


VJ System frequently-asked question (Coming Soon!)