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The VJ Pole System
Become the Creative Communicator that you KNOW you can be!


The VJ Tripod
Add another layer of flexibility with the VJ Tripod. Gives you height for a whole new perspective. Lightweight and mobile, you can take it anywhere.

The VJ Pole

- Portability, Safety and Durability (includes storage bag and adjustment wrenches)
- Infinite angular adjustment
- Compatibility: fits all smartphones with 6-inch screens or less

- Minimum Height: 19 cm / 7.5 inches

- Maximum Height: 48 cm / 19 inches
- Maximum Load: 5 kg / 11 pounds
- Weight: 375 grams/ x ounces
- Head Mount: 1/4 x 20
- Contruction: Aluminum

With the one touch lock buttons on each leg, the tripod can be easily adjusted depending on the situation

Easily attach or remove the pole and use the tripod with a wide variety of other 1/4x20 mount accessories

One leg is insulated for comfort in cold conditions

An aluminum head for the tripod is available separately
...the tripod PLUS the VJ Pole mounted on top!







VJ Pole frequently-asked question (Coming Soon!)