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DigiMount™ S-Series accessory connector
for use with smaller telescope and microscope eyepieces

The DigiMount S-Series accessory connector allows you to attach your digital camera to telescopes and microscopes, using scope eyepieces measuring 22mm to 36mm in diameter.

The connector is used together with one of eight different sleeves, each of which adapts it to specific eyepieces. You can identify the correct DigiMount solution for your eyepiece either from our eyepiece list or by eyepiece diameter.

DigiMount S-Series connector
DigiMount reducing collar (included and pre-installed in S-Series connector)
DigiMount S-Series sleeve


DigiMount overview

Digimount User Guide (PDF format)

Selecting the right DigiMount product from our eyepiece list or by eyepiece diameter


Add-on sleeves for additional scope eyepieces

DigiMount L-Series products for use with larger eyepieces