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DualForce™ Battery System
prevent battery emergencies - and take pictures for hours and hours

Has your camera ever "died" just at the wrong time? Eliminate that from happening again with an external battery pack that lasts for hours!

The DualForce external battery system gives performance that's as good or better than 20 conventional 1100mAh rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries. The Battery Pack system is no longer available however accessories are still available for it.

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DualForce Pro Pack battery kit

Which ProPack works with my camera?

DualForce accessories


Outdoor photography

* Provides two simultaneous 6 volt or one 12 volt outputs
* Reserve Power System
* Connectors for most digital cameras (details)
* Works with the Creative Labs Nomad Player
* Works with Apple's iPod, using the 12 Volt adapter and a 12 volt to FireWire connector
* Smaller than a pack of cigarettes

* Unrivalled power, providing as good or better performance than 20 conventional 1100mAh Nickel Metal Hydride batteries
* No more need to carry lots of batteries and maintain a complex battery organizing system
* Provides 50% as MAIN POWER and a FULL 50% as RESERVE POWER
* No need to guess when your power is getting low, never inconveniently run out of power again
* Simultaneously charge both main and reserve power banks

Test Results (details below)
* 4 hours of non-stop shooting with the LCD turned on
* 800 photos - every one taken with full flash and the Dual-Force Pro was still not drained

These numbers look great... but what does it mean in terms of real everyday use ?

Below are details of a recent test conducted by Photosolve. It will give you a very good idea of the awesome practical power of the Dual-Force Pro. No scientific measurements, just a lot of very impressive performance!

Location: Indoor Studio
Environmental Temperature: Comfortably Warm
Camera Used: Casio QV3000EX ( 3.3mp) with 340mb IBM Microdrive
Image Quality Normal
Image Size 2048 x 1536
LCD Screen Permanently Switched On
Camera Lens Zoom Position Changed Between Each Shot
Flash Forced to fire Every Single Shot
Flash Intensity Strong
Power Source: Fully Charged Dual-Force Pro Pack
Test Duration: 4 hours, no breaks
Test Objective: Fully Discharge the Dual-Force Pro

Eight hundred photographs were taken in quick succession allowing only time for the camera flash to re-charge between each shot. This was achieved using only the Dual-Force Pro Power Pack. The 340mb IBM Microdrive was also formatted twice during the test. The Dual-Force Pro had still not been discharged!

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