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DualForce™ accessories
for use with the DualForce Pro Pack battery kit

A range of accessories is available to give you the greatest benefit from your DualForce battery system.

Every DualForce Pro Pack comes with either a "Lead 1" or "Lead 2" for connection to your camera. (See DualForce Pro Pack to learn which one you need.) Add-on leads are available separately, should you wish to equip an existing DualForce battery with the other type of lead.

The DualForce Pro 12-volt adapter lets your DualForce battery provide power to any device designed for use with a standard automobile 12-volt (cigarette lighter) outlet.

Also available is a DualForce charge indicator, so you can see how fully charged your DualForce battery is at any time. It plugs into either of the power connectors on your battery, and displays the level of charge on a row of LEDs.
A nylon battery carrying pouch with belt loop is available for stoing your DualForce battery.

DualForce Pro battery system


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