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DualForce™ Battery Pro Pack
for use with ...

The DualForce Battery Pro Pack provides the basic components of the DualForce system: the battery, a US (110-120 volt) charger, and a "lead" connector for your camera.

This table will show which lead is appropriate for your camera. Be sure to order the Pro Pack with the corresponding lead number, either Pro Pack 1 or Pro Pack 2.

Agfa Lead 2
Casio (all) Lead 1
Epson: 3000 PC Lead 2
Epson: all others Lead 1
Fuji (all) Lead 1
JVC (all) Lead 1
Kodak: DC260, DC265, DC290 Lead 2
Kodak: DC50, DC150 not supported
Kodak: all others Lead 1
Kyocera (all) Lead 1
Leica (all) Lead 1
Minolta (all) Lead 1
Nikon Lead 2
Olympus Lead 2
Ricoh (all) Lead 1
Toshiba (all) Lead 1
Vivitar: 8000 Lead 1
Vivitar: all others Lead 2

Other DualForce products include leads, adapters, chargers, carrying pouch and charge indicator products


Outdoor photography