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OpticZoom™ 5x lens
multiply your camera's built-in zoom by a factor of five

The OpticZoom 5x lens is the heart of the OpticZoom system for complementing your camera's built-in zoom lens.

OpticZoom 5x lens mounted on Xtend-a-Lens 290 and Kodak DC290 camera >

Specifically designed for use with digital cameras and camcorders, the OpticZoom™ provides 37mm front filter threads (allowing additional lenses and accessories to be attached) and works with almost any digital camera with a minimum of 2x optical zoom. By adding the OpticZoom™ to your camera, you can multiply the optical zoom of your camera by five times!

The OpticZoom lens comes equipped with a focusing barrel built in, so you can "fine focus" at different distances, using the LCD on your camera. What's the benefit? Most add-on lenses are set to be "in focus" at all distances, but you give up some quality with this design, and it generally results in some distortion at the periphery of the lens. The OpticZoom virtually eliminates this problem by providing a variable focus from close distances (around 40 feet) to infinity.


OpticZoom overview

OpticZoom camera compatibility table

OpticZoom frequently-asked questions


OpticZoom tripod lens mount

Rings and converters you may need to use the OpticZoom with your camera

Xtend-a-Lens adapters for using this lens with your camera

< The OpticZoom 5x lens comes with its own carrying case and lens cap

OpticZoom™ Technical Specifications & Features

Overall fully closed length: 125 mm (approx.)
Overall fully opened length: 130 mm (approx.)
Maximum diameter: 50 mm (approx.)
Weight: 315 grams (approx.)
Body material: Mainly aluminum and some plastics
Finish: Aluminum, anodized black
Optics: High quality coated optic assemblies throughout
Native 5x optical magnification: total combined optical magnification = Camera optical zoom x 5

  Example 1:
  3x camera optical zoom + OpticZoom gives 15x total optical magnification (approx.)

  Example 2:
  10x camcorder optical zoom + OpticZoom gives 50x total optical magnification (approx.)

Direct camera connection via 37mm standard screw threads

Attaches directly to most cameras with lens threads using step up or step down adapter rings

Using adapter rings, connects to: 28mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 62mm thread sizes

Front 37mm screw threads for attaching accessory lenses / shades / filters, etc.