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Rings, thread converters, special adapters and spacers
adapt new devices to your camera

Photosolve offers a range of products allowing the interconnection of camera add-ons with different diameters and/or threads.

< Step UP ring

Step up and step down rings, as their names imply, allow you to connect add-ons with different diameters and/or threads.

More information on step up rings


Step up and step down rings and thread converters

Spacers and special adapters

Step DOWN ring >

Included in our offering are all the step up and step down rings you may need to attach lenses, filters, and other add-ons to our Xtend-a-Lens lens adapters.

More information on step down rings

Thread converters are similar to step down rings. The change a larger thread size to a smaller thread size. They are different than regaular step down rings in that they are flat and therefore add no thickness or separation between the devices being connected.

< Thread converter

This is especially important when using our OpticZoom 5x lens system, the Xtend-a-Scope 37M or our DigiMount products, where it's important for the camera lens and add-on to be as close together as possible. Please note: The previously available 62mm to 55mm and 55mm to 37mm thread converters are no longer available.

More information on thread converters

We offer spacer rings (some add-on's require additional spacing between the primary camera lens and the add-on).

< Spacer ring

We also offer reversing rings, which can be used to attach regular SLR lenses (in reversed position) to your lens adapter or camera lens for super macro photos.

Reversing ring >

More information on spacers and reversing rings