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Spacers and special adapters
adapt new devices to your camera

Photosolve offers products for special needs you may have.

We offer two sizes of SPACER RINGS, which are similar to thread converters but without any inner threads

The 49mm spacer ring can be used to provide needed clearance for the Epson 850Z/3000Z/3100 Lens Thread Adapter Tube and the LensMate Adapter Tube for Canon G1/G2 when connecting to the OpticZoom 5x lens.

The 52mm spacer ring provides additional required clearance for Sony S70/S75/S85 cameras with the use of the Sony VAD-S70 Lens Thread Adapter Tube when connecting to the OpticZoom 5x lens.


Overview of ring, thread converter, spacer and special adapter products

We offer a wide range of REVERSING RINGS that provide a male-to-male connection, allowing the connection of reversed SLR lenses in macro applications. Please note that some of these reversing rings have different size threads and that they can act as EITHER step up or step down rings.
Currently available in the following sizes:
49mm to 49mm
49mm to 52mm
52mm to 52mm
55mm to 55mm
55mm to 58mm
58mm to 58mm
62mm to 62mm
62mm to 67mm
67mm to 67mm
67mm to 77mm
72mm to 72mm
72mm to 77mm
77mm to 77mm