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Accessories for the Wing mounting system
more picture-taking flexibility with your Nikon CoolPix 950, 990, 995 or 4500 camera

These accessories will provide even more functionality to your CoolPix camera and Wing mounts system. The Shutter Release Arm (NO LONGER AVAILABLE-FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY) and Compact Flash mount both utilize the same mounting hole on all three models of the Wing and therefore cannot be used together without special mounting hardware from EagleEye (not normally stocked at photosolve). Contact photosolve for more information.

Note: There are three different mounting studs for use with the Nikon 950, 990/995 and 4500 Coolpix cameras. If you want to mount an Xtend-a-View Pro model on the Wing without velcro, you'll need to order one of the appropriate studs as well. Note that while the Wing and Wing II products are no longer available, we still have a few accessories if you already have one of these models.


Wing overview

Wing Stud User Guide (PDF 1 page)


Wing 4500 mounts

< Nikon CoolPix 990 camera, mounted on the Wing and showing the compact flash mount accessory

< Wing shown with shutter release arm accessory (NO LONGER AVAILABLE-FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY) - and with the EagleEye OpticZoom 5x lens

The Wing does not interfere with normal handheld action>

< Wing shown with CoolPix 950 camera and Xtend-a-View Standard, attached using a mounting stud accessory
< Wing 4500 shown with the Shutter Release Arm attached (NO LONGER AVAILABLE-FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY), and the Xtend-a-View Mini, attached using a mounting stud accessory

Shutter release arm/screw (left), Xtend-a-View Pro
> Standard mounting stud (left center), Wing II (center) and Flash Mount/screw (right)