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Wing 4500 camera mounts
foundations for the Wing mounting system for Nikon CoolPix cameras

The Wing 4500 mount provides great mounting flexibility and features for your Nikon CoolPix camera. (Note: The original Wing products (Wing and Wing II, designed for 950 and 990/995 mounting have been discontinued).

< Wing 4500 mount. Your Coolpix 4500 camera attaches to the base by means of the camera's tripod mounting socket. The camera lens points to the upper left in this photo. The hole at the top accommodates a flash mount or shutter release arm. The hole at the bottom attaches an Xtend-a-View Pro Mini LCD viewer (using the optional 4500 mounting stud). The Wing 4500 also provides a tripod mounting socket for the entire assembly. See Accessories for more photos


Wing overview


Wing accessories including eye shutter release arm, compact flash mount and Xtend-a-View Pro Standard mounting stud