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Xtend-a-Lens™ 5700/8700 & 5400 adapters
for Nikon Coolpix 5700 cameras

The Xtend-a-Lens 5700/8700 and Xtend-a-Lens 5400 adapters from photosolve lets you connect a broad range of accessories to your Nikon Coopix 5700/8700 or 5400 cameras.
< Xtend-a-Lens5700 two piece adapter shown >

< Xtend-a-Lens 5400 adapter shown attached to the Nikon 5400 camera. Actual unit is anodized black

The Xtend-a-Lens 5700/8700 is a two piece adapter (for wide angle and for telephoto with the second portion added) and tXtend-a-Lens 5400 (a variable length adapter) is made from aluminum and anodized to a fine black finish (pictures shown here in unfinished mode are for clarity). The 5400 adapter is made as a telescoping unit which provides variability in the length. The two thumb screws lock the adapter position, once you've made the proper adjustment.

One end of the Xtend-a-Lens 5700/8700 or 5400 screws into the outer lens barrel of your camera, and the other has standard, metal 52mm threads for the connection of other equipment. You can directly attach any add-on with 52mm threads. If the add-on you want to use has different-sized threads, you can use a 52mm-to-xx adapter or stepping ring, available from photosolve. This adapter/camera combination has been tested with the Xtend-a-Slide Plus system (using a 52mm to 49mm step down ring) and is reported to work very well in macro mode (does NOT require close-up lenses).

A 52mm lenscap and leash kit is also available and recommended for protection of the camera lens.


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