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Xtend-a-Lens™ adapters
letting you use standard photographic accessories with your digital camera

The Xtend-a-Lens adapter is the foundation of the Photosolve system, allowing you to attach other Photosolve products as well as many industry-standard camera accessories to your digital camera. Now you can get exactly the shots you want, complementing your camera with your choice of lenses, filters, adapters and other add-ons.

< Xtend-a-Lens 290 adapter. On several of our Xtend-a-Lens adapters, the far end grips the lens casing of your digital camera, using a textured rubber inside sleeve that's completely safe for your camera. It's on or off with a twist of the wrist. The near end has standard, metal camera threads for the attachment of Photosolve accessories and many other types of filters, lenses, hood mounts and other equipment. Some Xtend-a-Lens products have either bayonet or screw thread attachment to the camera, depending on model.

Other Xtend-a-Lens models have bayonet or screw fittings to match the camera on which they're intended to be installed.

The most recent adapter, the OMNI, mounts to the tripod mount of the camera and adjusts to fit the set up of the lens.

Many digital cameras don't have threads on the lens barrel, because the zoom mechanisms of the the lens assembly are not designed to bear the weight of filters and other add-ons. With the Xtend-a-Lens adapter, you can overcome this limitation and take many kinds of new photos with your camera.

Please note that the original Xtend-a-Lens adapters were designed and manufactured by photosolve. To broaden the line and accommodate our customer's needs, photosolve has acquired lens adapters from other manufacturers and they are marketed under the Xtend-a-Lens brand. We only add these kinds of products after they have been fully tested and meet photosolve requirements.

Xtend-a-Lens adapter >
shown here with optional lens cap and leash, mounted on a Kodak DC4800 camera

Once your camera's equipped with Xtend-a-Lens, you can add...

Close up and macro lenses and UV filters for greater photo flexibility

OpticZoom 5x lens for greater zoom capabilities

DigiMount accessory connector system for use with microscopes and telescopes

Xtend-a-Scope telescope and microscope adapter

Xtend-a-Slide conversion system for 35mm slides, negatives and film

Macro Photography Tricks >
You can REALLY increase your macro capabilities by using an old SLR lens reversed on your digital camera. That setup is shown here with optional reversing ring, mounted on a Kodak DC4800 camera with a standard 50mm SLR in reverse mounting position.
< Macro Photography Tricks

Here's the result of that setup. The Vignetting generally DOES occur with this kind of application.


Xtend-a-Lens frequently-asked questions


Xtend-a-Lens Omni for all Compact Digital Cameras

Xtend-a-Lens A80/A95 for Canon A80 and A95 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7-G9 and G10/G11/G12 for Canon G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7,G9 and G10,G11,G12 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens S1 and S2/S3/S5 for Canon S1, S2, S3, and S5 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A60/A70/A85 for Canon A60/A70/A85 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A510/A520 for Canon A510/A520/A540 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A570/A590 for Canon A570 and A590 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A610/A620 for Canon A610/A620/A630/A640 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A650 for Canon A650 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens A700/A710/A720 for Canon A700, A710 and A720 digital cameras

Xtend-a-Lens 290 for Kodak DC260, 265, 290 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens 4800 for Kodak DC4800 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens 3900/4900 for Kodak DX3900 and DX4900 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens 6340/6440 for Kodak DX6340 and DX6440 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens Z612/Z712 for Kodak Z612 and Z712 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens P712/P850 for Kodak P712 and P850 cameras

Xtend-a-Lens X04 for Minolta S304, S404 and S414 cameras

Xtend-a-Lens 8400 for Nikon Coolpix 8400 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens 8800 Standard and Variable for Nikon Coolpix 8800 cameras
Xtend-a-Lens 5700/8700 & 5400 for Nikon Coolpix 5700/8700 and 5400 cameras

Xtend-a-Lens 8080W & 8080T for Olympus 8080 cameras (similar to Olympus CLA-8, but with standard threads)
Xtend-a-Lens CLA-4 for Olympus SP500UZ, C700UZ, C720UZ, C730UZ, C765, and C770 cameras.
Xtend-a-Lens 5060/7070 for Olympus 5060 & 7070 cameras (similar to Olympus CLA-7)
Xtend-a-Lens CLA-1 for Olympus digital cameras

Xtend-a-Lens FZ10/15/20 for Panasonic FZ-10 and FZ-20 digital cameras

Xtend-a-Lens W1/W5/W7 for Sony W1. W5 or W7 digital cameras
Xtend-a-Lens VAD-S70 for Sony digital cameras

Lens caps and leashes for protecting your camera and lenses

< Xtend-a-Lens adapter
with add-on close-up lenses on a Kodak DC290
Xtend-a-Lens adapter >
shown here with the
OpticZoom 5x lens