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Xtend-a-Mount™ 2100 accessory bracket
for use with Xtend-a-View Pro Standard or Variable and Olympus 2100 cameras

The Xtend-a-Mount accessory bracket allows you to attach your Xtend-a-View Pro Standard or Variable to your Olympus 2100 camera without the use of Velcro attached to the camera.

< Xtend-a-Mount used to attach an Xtend-a-View Pro Standard or Variable to a Olympus 2100 digital camera

Once the Xtend-a-View Pro has been mounted on the Xtend-a-Mount, the entire assembly can then be easily attached to the camera with the use of the tripod mount screw as shown. The tripod mount screw is also threaded to provide mounting capability to a tripod.

Note: If you have previously purchased an Xtend-a-View Pro model, please check to make sure there are NO THREADS on the small holes in the bottom of the viewer. If there are threads, you will need to contact photosolve to arrange for modification if you wish to use the Xtend-a-Mount.


Xtend-a-Mount overview

Xtend-a-Mount Manual (PDF format) updated 4/25/03


Xtend-a-View Standard or Variable LCD viewers

Xtend-a-Mount Omni for virtually all digital cameras

Xtend-a-Mount G6 for Canon G6 digital cameras

Xtend-a-Mount 4800 for Kodak 4800 digital cameras

Xtend-a-Mount OLY for Olympus Camedia digital cameras (not 5050)

Xtend-a-Mount 5050 for Olympus 5050 digital cameras