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Xtend-a-Scope™ 37M microscope adapter
take digital photos through your microscope

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The Photosolve Xtend-a-Scope 37M microscope adapter lets you attach your digital camera to your microscope. It can bring a whole new macro universe into view. The micro world of the watchmaker has become visible here...

Xtend-a-Scope 37M >
microscope adapter. The top (as shown in this photo) has 37mm threads for connection to your camera or lens adapter. The 37M includes both 30mm and 23mm lens tubes to fit the eyepiece tubes of most popular microscopes. The XAS37M comes with a high quality 10X two lens eyepiece.
  < The Xtend-a-Scope™ 37M eyepiece adapter can be used with an Xtend-a-Lens™ or other camera adapter when you want the ability to connect your camera to your microscope. The unit's 37mm threads connect to your camera lens threads or the threads of the camera adapter. The XAS37M is shown mounted on the Xtend-a-Lens OMNI. You can choose which tube to use, based on the size of the microscope ocular.
Once mounted directly on the camera lens threads or the adapter threads, the entire assembly can then be simply inserted into the tube of the microscope substituting for the original ocular. >
  < The simple macro shot of the flower can now become...
...the surrealistic alien landscape of the pistel (in this case the 4.2x magnification of the microscope plus the 10x ocular of the Xtend-a-Scope 37M PLUS the 4X optical of the 4.2 x 10 x 4 or 168 TIMES THE ORIGINAL! >

(You can attach it to your camera using an Xtend-a-Lens OMNI or any other lens adapter, or you can, with appropriate stepping rings, attach it directly to your camera lens threads. The Xtend-aScope 37M is made of black, anodized aluminum.


There are two popular sizes of microscope viewing lens barrels: 23mm and 30mm. The Xtend-a-Scope 37M kit comes with two interchangeable tubes to handle both types. It's very simple to remove one tube and screw in the other. The Xtend-a-Scope 37M is built around a high quality optical 10x eyepiece, so you simply remove your existing eyepiece and insert the Xtend-a-Scope 37M. Focusing can be accomplished through the use of the LCD screen.

Because the lenses on many digital cameras are not removable, you need to use a type of microscopy that's called "afocal." It simply means that you use the viewing lens of the microscope with the lens of the camera. Most people set up the microscope, then use a tripod to adjust the lens of the camera to point directly into the viewing lens of the scope. While this does work, it's difficult to maintain the proper viewing angle while keeping the lens of the camera as close as possible to the viewing lens of the microscope, otherwise you get a vignetting effect (i.e. the picture doesn't fill the entire frame, and it appears like a tunnel, surrounded by black).

To eliminate this problem, you can use the Xtend-a-Scope 37M to connect your camera directly to the microscope. The Xtend-a-Scope 37M can also be used to connect a standard 35mm camera to a microscope using an appropriate thread reduction adapter to change the thread size.


Xtend-a-Scope overview

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