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Xtend-a-Scope or DigiMount?
which one's best for my astrophotography needs?

The Photosolve Xtend-a-Scope and DigiMount represent two solutions for taking photographs though a telescope. How do you decide which one's best for your particular needs?

The Xtend-a-Scope 49T was designed specifically for use with telescopes, connecting directly to the popular "T-mount" (telescope mount) standard. You just pop out the telescope eyepiece, pop in the Xtend-a-Scope with your camera already attached, and you're ready to take astrophotographs.

DigiMount, by contrast, was designed as a completely flexible system for attaching cameras to microscopes, telescopes or any other devices with eyepieces. It consists of a connector and a large number of sleeves that adapt it to different eyepiece diameters. Some telescope users have a collection of eyepieces they use in specific situations, and the DigiMount solution can accommodate them all.


Xtend-a-Scope 49T telescope adapter

DigiMount system for using your camera with telescopes and microscopes