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Xtend-a-Scope or DigiMount?
which one's best for my microphotography needs?

The Photosolve Xtend-a-Scope and DigiMount represent two solutions for taking photographs though a microscope. How do you decide which one's best for your particular needs?

In most cases where you're just going to be connecting to a microscope and no other devices, the Xtend-a-Scope 37M is the better solution. It's specifically designed for use with microscopes, with two available barrel sizes (23mm and 30mm) corresponding to the most popular microscope eyepiece diameters. You just pop out the microscope eyepiece, pop in the Xtend-a-Scope with your camera already attached (with an Xtend-a-Lens or other lens adapter, and a thread adapter is required), and you're ready to take microphotographs

The Xtend-a-Scope product is also more compact, and works better with the short-body eyepieces that are commonly used with microscopes. It is the more expensive solution, and is dedicated in application however, so if these factors are important, read on...


Xtend-a-Scope 37M microscope adapter

DigiMount system for using your camera with telescopes and microscopes



DigiMount, by contrast, was designed as a completely flexible system for attaching cameras to microscopes, telescopes or any other devices with eyepieces. It consists of a connector and a large number of sleeves that adapt it to different eyepiece diameters. It's ideal if you want to use your camera with many different kinds of devices. It is a lower cost alternative to the Xtend-a-Scope 37M and if you also want to hook up to a wider variety of devices, then the Digimount is the correct solution for you.