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Camera compatibility and connection guide
for the Xtend-a-Slide slide & film converter

These pages will tell you whether Xtend-a-Slide works with your EPSON camera, and describes any parts you WILL need IN ADDITION TO THE XTEND-A-SLIDE PLUS.

The Xtend-a-Slide Plus has been tested by Photosolve with all the cameras marked with an asterisk in the list below. Customers have reported good results with other models as well (those appearing without asterisks). The approximate amount of +diopter close-up lens required for each camera is shown below the picture of the close-up lens set. Where a +10 magnification requirement is shown, the recommended close-up set is the 4-lens DKE close-up product and you would use the MACRO lens from that set.
Wherever possible (generally this applies to lens adapters), the actual item picture is shown, and links are provided to the source. NOTE: If you DON'T find your camera on this list, it DOESN"T necessarily mean that it won't work. It may mean that that we haven't tested it, or we haven't had any feedback on that combination, or we're behind in getting the information to the list. Contact us and we'll check to see if it can work for you.

Xtend-a-Slide system overview


<items highlighted in Green are NECESSARY and are available directly from photosolve - click on the button to go to the shopping cart to view the pricing for all of the items shown and to be able to order the items - click on the link to go to the photosolve information about this part. To return to this page, simply click the BACK button of your browser

55mm lens adapter
items highlighted in Yellow are NECESSARY but are NOT available from photosolve. Where possible we have found a source of the part for you. There are probably others as well. Just click on the button to get the information and order>
Lens Adapter required
Step Ring required
Closeup Magnification and lenses required
Special Notes:
850, 3000*, & 3100 Epson lens adapter (from Epson)

Supplied with camera

(provides 49mm thread)

NOT REQUIRED 49mm DKE 4-lens set

Magnification+7 to +10

For half-frame 35mm slides, full 3x zoom, and macro +10 lens

Use either 4, 2, 1 or Macro lens