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Camera compatibility and connection guide
for the Xtend-a-Slide film converter

Photosolve has identified cameras which work well with the Xtend-a-Slide, and these pages are dedicated to helping you determine compatibility with your camera. In some cases, photosolve has directly tested the Xtend-a-Slide with the camera, and in many other cases, the information has been provided to photosolve by our customers. We are constantly updating our compatibility lists, and appreciate any feedback from you. Since the Xtend-a-Slide works with cameras in conjunction with lens adapters (if required), stepping rings (if required) and close-up lenses (if required), our tables identify each of those components when they are necessary. Click on a manufacturer's name, and you'll be taken to a list of cameras that have either been tested by photosolve, tested by photosolve customers, or have been determined to be similar to other models and the requirements are generally known.

Xtend-a-Slide system overview

In the compatibility tables that follow, the "Model" column shows the model number of your camera, the "Lens Adapter Required" column shows adapter(s) that might be required for your camera, the "Step Ring Required" shows which ring might be required for your camera, and finally, the "Close-up Magnification" shows which close-up lens set is compatible (and the magnification determined by photosolve or a customer). These items are required IN ADDITION TO THE XTEND-A-SLIDE. Note that the items shown in the list are required, however, you may already have close-up lenses, stepping rings, or lens adapters that will work just fine.

If you are unsure about your camera's capabilities or if it might/might not be compatible with the Xtend-a-Slide, please feel free to contact photosolve, and we'll be happy to help you.
Xtend-a-Slide Camera Compatibility Main Page

<items highlighted in Green are NECESSARY and are available directly from photosolve - click on the button to go to the shopping cart to view the pricing for all of the items shown and to be able to order the items - click on the link to go to the photosolve information about this part. To return to this page, simply click the BACK button of your browser

55mm lens adapter
items highlighted in Yellow are NECESSARY but are NOT available from photosolve. Where possible we have found a source of the part for you. There are probably others as well. Just click on the button to get the information and order>