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Frequently-asked questions
about Photosolve Xtend-a-Slide and its use

How does Xtend-a-Slide connect to the camera?

The Xtend-a-Slide has 49mm standard photo threads on the inner barrel, and connection is made to the camera either by attaching to the Lens Adapter or Camera threads directly (if possible) or through stepping rings and/or close-up lenses (if required).

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Why is Xtend-a-Slide better than other designs?

The Xtend-a-Slide Plus is a major step forward in the Xtend-a-Slide product line incorporating features not available previously or from other vendors

  • Anodized aluminum inner and outer barrels for greater durability
  • Modular inner and outer barrels allowing the Xtend-a-Slide to be used a wide variety of different cameras
  • Patent-pending carrier design that allows you to move the slide or film as needed.
  • Five different carrier designs allowing a wide range of applications, each with photo white diffusion plastic backing and magnetic attachment to the all-steel carrier ring.

You state that the Xtend-a-Slide can give you 1000-2000 dpi. How'd you come up with those numbers?

This question comes up from time to time and the answer is really quite simple. First of all, you need to know that a 35mm slide (at least the film portion) is 1.5 inches by 1 inch. This is also referred to as a an aspect ratio of 3:2 (remember that, there's going to be a test). Let's take a simple case where a camera is 1.5 Megapixels (older version) and when you look at the specifications, they indicate that the camera resolution gives you 1500 pixels by 1000 pixels (also a 3:2 aspect ratio). Since you're going to take a picture of the slide, that means that you'd get 1500 pixels along the 1.5 inch side and 1000 pixels along the 1 inch side. That gives you 1000 dpi. If your camera has 6 Megapixels (and again, let's assume for simplicity that the aspect ratio is once again 3:2), you'd have 3000 pixels on the 1.5 inch side and 2000 pixels on the 1 inch side. That would give you 2000 dpi.

The aspect ratio on my camera is 4:3. What do I do?

Don't panic. You'd set up to take a picture of the slide just like normal, and you'd simply crop a portion of the picture in the final processing. Many cameras these days have a combination of different aspect ratios. You can either shoot in a non-3:2 ratio and crop, or shoot in the 3:2 ratio mode. You'll end up with a slightly lower resoltuion.

What's the warranty on Xtend-a-Slide units?

The Xtend-a-Slide (as well as associated products) are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for 90 days. If during that time, the unit becomes defective, it should be returned for replacement. We reserve the right to repair or replace defective units. Units out of warranty will be repaired or replaced at a nominal fee. Contact us to arrange return and repair.

My camera's not our your compatibility list. So NOW what do I do?

Not to worry. We're here to help. If you're not sure if there's a lens adapter for your camera or if you need close-up lenses or...pretty much any other question, just send us a note and ask your questions.

Why does the Xtend-a-Slide have 3 inner barrels and 3 outer barrels? I only need 2 inner and 2 outer with my set-up.

The Xtend-a-Slide Plus was designed to work with a wide variety of different cameras all with different focal points. The 1.5 inch to 5.5 inch range covers the vast majority of these requirements. Additionally, if you change cameras from the one you have now, you'll have the flexibility to use the Xtend-a-Slide on the new camera as well.

I don't understand how to set up my camera for the correct length of Xend-a-Slide. Can you explain a little differently?

Sure. The key to copying slides of film using the Xtend-a-Slide is to be able to place the slide between 1.5 inches and 5.5 inches from the front of the last close-up lens and have it be as fully covered (framed) by the camera as possible while still being in focus. Why the 1.5 to 5.5 inches? Because the Xtend-a-Slide, with its three inner and outer barrels can be as short as 1.5 inches and as long as 5.5 inches. We've determined that the majority of cameras can be made to perform in that range (either through the macro of the camera or using closeup lenses). So if the camera cannot focus and fully cover the slide in the range using the normal macro capability of the camera, then by using close-up lenses and the normal mode of the camera you should be able to attain it. Once you've found the proper combination of the closeup lens and distance, take a measurement from the front of the close-up lens to the slide, and then set the length of the Xtend-a-Slide to that number. Once you've mounted the slide in the carrier, you may have to adjust the length slightly, but you you should be pretty close.

Can you explain a bit more about the close-up lenses? You've got one size specified. Can I use a different size?

Close-up lenses modify the focal point of the primary lens of the camera. In other words they allow you to get closer to an object (kind of like zooming). The different diopter strengths allow you to decrease the distance to the object. Larger number, closer. Simple enough. They can be stacked together. +4 and +2 give you +6 for example. Now as to the different filter sizes. I put the primary size of close-up filter on the compatibility chart. For example if a camera has a lens adapter with a 37mm thread, you can use 37mm close-up lenses. As the Xtend-a-Slide is 49mm threading, there's also a 37mm to 49mm step up ring. Can you also use 49mm close-up lenses? Sure, not a problem at all. So, the bottom line is that the primary thread size of the lens or lens adapter determines the primary choice for the close-up lens set, but you can always use another size (like 49mm for example) on the OTHER side of the step up or step down ring.

I lost my manual or I'd like to see the manual for Xtend-a-Slide. Where do I get it?

You can download an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the Xtend-a-Slide manual from the main overview page of the Xtend-a-Slide. This is a PDF formatted file that is set up to be printed double-sided. It's a six page (each being a half page) user guide.

What if I have questions that aren't addressed here?

Feel free to visit the Questions and Answers area of the Photosolve Message Board. If you can't find the answer to your question there, you can always post your question to the board. If your answer can't be found there, contact us for assistance.